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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates

Created in 1995, Goldfinch Jewellery is a unique concept jewellery store-studio.

At Goldfinch Jewellery, we were inspired to create a boutique shop with a relaxed atmosphere and welcoming environment where clients can explore their own ideas.

In a world of mass-produced jewellery, Goldfinch Jewellery takes pride in choosing a return to quality and craftsmanship. You can even view your bespoke jewellery creation coming to life in our workshop.

Our skilled designer will help you visulise your ideas and illustrate them as hand-sketched concepts or through CAD to achieve a unique design tailored to you budget and style. 

Goldfinch Jewellery also specialises in repair and restoration services of watches and clocks. Assisting with insurance valuation, professional assets assessments, consultations and claims on site.


Please visit our store and see how we could help create or revamp your special piece!


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